Business ready blockchains for smarter supply networks

Supply Chains are complex multi-tier networks spanning geographies. End to end B2B workflows takes weeks or months to execute, with multiple documents, multiple stakeholders and highly risk prone. Despite efforts, digital tools are not able to achieve the desired visibility and integration of supply chain processes that is critical for speed & responsiveness in today’s hyperconnected business environment.

Introducing marketsN: the Data Silo Killer

marketsN is a secure B2B platform built on Blockchain. It enables you to form private groups with your banks, suppliers, contract manufacturers etc.

  • Improve OTIF performance with real time visibility of orders.
  • Share verifiable product quality & provenance data.
  • Optimize inventory levels with deep-tier visibility.
  • Automate reconciliation & SLA enforcement with Smart Contracts.
  • Incentivize data sharing with provable privacy & consent compliance.

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Part of exclusive Deep Tech Startups endorsed by NASSCOM

Part of the top-5 Supply Chain technology companies identified by CII moonshot

API Integration with Oracle ERP and can be deployed on Oracle on Oracle Blockchain Platform

API Integration with SAP ERP and can be deployed on SAP BTP

Supported by grant from Tezos Foundation for a Hybrid Permissioned-Public Blockchain Solution

Runs on AWS Clouds and can be deployed on Amazon Managed Blockchain Platform

API Integration with Indian TReDS platform for access to invoice financing

Part of Netapps Excellerator deep tech startups cohort

Part of Supply Chain Labs accelator and run by Lumis Partners

GTM & SI partnership for marketsN deployment

GTM & SI partnership for marketsN deployment


For Procure2Pay, Contract Manufacturing & Mineral Logistics

For invoice financing in agriculture sector & Bill-To/Ship-To coordination in supply chain

User passports, rewards & data monetization with HL Fabric - Tz hybrid deployment

Vehicle Digital Passports that enables Concept of Car as a Platform (CAAP)

E-Invoicing with Tally integration

Coaliation Loyalty Points reward program (PoC)

For enabling Track & Trace and end-to-end supply chain visiblity in medical suplly chain


KoineArth’s strategy of using a blockchain based platform to enable secure auditable data sharing across enterprises is a unique value proposition. It has the potential to enable trusted data sharing across enterprises creating a value multiplier for both sides starting with supply chain operations which is inherently conducive for sharing data. KoineArth’s marketsN platform allows supply chains to deliver faster, to reduce their operating costs all while having organizations maintain control over data as an asset.

Bill Berg

SVP, Operations

We are proud to be working with KoineArth on marketsN, one of the world's first enterprise-grade NFT platforms that operate in an eco-friendly way. As it is built on Tezos, one of the first proof-of-stake blockchains, it operates at efficient energy levels and provides a clean NFT solution, aligning strongly with global sustainability efforts for all businesses.

Scott Littlewood

Head of Business Development and Operations

KoineArth team has supported us tremendously. They could connect and understand our problems which are very complex in nature. Most of Hindalco plants are digitised now and we are interacting with many startups but compared to them, Koinearth has a very flexible and supportive team which has impressed us.”

Keerthikumar Honna

Assistant General Manager

The awareness of Blockchain infrastructure is increasing globally and there is a deeper recognition that it can make supply chains more transparent and efficient. Koinearth's marketsN solution is well poised to offer "Digital-Supply-Chain-as-a-Service". I strongly believe in the potential of Koinearth as it focuses on building an end-to-end enterprise platform with blockchain at its core.

Rutwik Doshi

Managing Director & Partner

When an entrepreneur and his team leverage a technology that identifies and addresses a clear need gap, and has proven that it can have a global market fit, the synergy with our investment thesis is unquestionable. In KoineArth, we believe we have a startup that will change the way supply chains are managed dramatically

Sunil Goyal

Managing Director

MarketsN at Hindalco Belagavi provided by Koinearth, gives transparency of transactions and is very easy for audit purpose as all historical & real time data is available & Traceable. There is need for participation by every concerned entity in any transaction to complete, making the process dispute free

Vinayak Tandle

Senior Engineer

Unlock Cash Flow

Today, vast amounts of your capital is stuck in Supply Chain "documents" like outstanding invoices, delayed bill-of-ladings, unpaid credit notes etc. This limits your ability to optimize the use of capital and operate at speed.

marketsN converts documents into "digital assets" that can be used as collaterals in financing. Each digital asset is backed with a digitally signed audit trail to prove its authenticity. Ownership & Transfer of assets is recorded in a secure, verifiable way.

Product passports with Enterprise NFTs

To meet customer demands for better transparency, marketsN enables you to issue digital passports for your products. Backed by a NFT, the passport records the publicly verifiable history of the product from cradle-to-grave.

Companies and their partners can certify Environmental, Social & Governance credentials like geo-origin, carbon footprint etc. With seamless data sharing with service providers, insurance companies & financiers, you can offer a seamless experience to your customers.

Enable Deep Visibility

With SC disruptions the new normal, marketsN achieves unsurpassed supply chain agility by allowing you to maintain high service levels even in the face of changing demand & supply patterns. Coordinate in real time with your supply chain partners to fast-track, modify, pause or cancel orders – all backed with real time visibility.

Look beyond your ERP with a shared platform for tracking orders, shipments & distributed inventory across your supply chain in real time. Enable shared visibility among suppliers, contract manufacturers, channel partners, banks – securely & privately.

Automate Reconciliation

Save hundreds of hours of reconciliation effort and avoid disagreements & disputes in your supply chain with invoices which are guaranteed to be consistent with orders, negotiated rebates, SLAs, deliveries & shortfalls.

With a shared, auditable record of the complete transaction – from order to payment, marketsN automates invoice reconciliation transparently & securely between both the parties.

How marketsN works?

1. Create your business

On-board your suppliers, vendors, distributors in a secure, trusted, private group.

Every action of every participant in this group is auditable, encouraging accountability.

2. Configure your
inter-Org workflows

Customize pre-built smart contracts for your workflow including contracts, purchase orders, invoices etc.

All transactions are recorded in a shared ledger enabling product & process provenance.

3. Kickstart AI-powered
B2B markets

Leverage self learning AI-based recommendation engine to optimize inventory & order-allocation.

Enable transparent information sharing of inventory levels & demand to enable better planning.

4. Incentivize performance
with token economics

Dynamically adapt share-of-business to incentivize performance across business network.

Enable low cost, low risk capital to top performers by sharing trusted transaction history with Banks & NBFCs.

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State of the art technology

data AI
with IoT

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