Data Silos between organizations are the root of Supply Chain challenges

Supply Chain Delays, Lack of operations visibility, Inventory over/under stocks, Billing Disputes are all symptoms of a more fundamental problem: Data Silos.

Each organization today maintains its own records and exchanges information with Supply Chain partners to coordinate, synchronize, and reconcile transactions. Transactions that are not in agreement require time consuming research, revision, reconciliation, negotiation and hopefully settlement.

Introducing marketsN: the Data Silo Killer

marketsN is a secure B2B platform built on Blockchain. It enables you to form private groups with your banks, suppliers, contract manufacturers etc.

  • Improve OTIF performance with real time visibility of orders.
  • Share verifiable product quality & provenance data.
  • Optimize inventory levels with deep-tier visibility.
  • Automate reconciliation & SLA enforcement with Smart Contracts.
  • Incentivize data sharing with provable privacy & consent compliance.

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How marketsN works?

1. Create your business

On-board your suppliers, vendors, distributors in a secure, trusted, private group.

Every action of every participant in this group is auditable, encouraging accountability.

2. Configure your
inter-Org workflows

Customize pre-built smart contracts for your workflow including contracts, purchase orders, invoices etc.

All transactions are recorded in a shared ledger enabling product & process provenance.

3. Kickstart AI-powered
B2B markets

Leverage self learning AI-based recommendation engine to optimize inventory & order-allocation.

Enable transparent information sharing of inventory levels & demand to enable better planning.

4. Incentivize performance
with token economics

Dynamically adapt share-of-business to incentivize performance across business network.

Enable low cost, low risk capital to top performers by sharing trusted transaction history with Banks & NBFCs.

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